Thursday, October 11, 2007

Greening Your Kids Lunchbox

Everyday (except for the two days a month I allow my son to buy lunch), I pack my eight year old a lunch to take to school. Two years ago when he was in first grade he threw out a lot more than just the sandwich he didn't feel like eating. He threw out two or three ziploc baggies each day. One for his sandwich, one for his snack, and one that held the 40 cents he took each day for milk.

Today, there is very little in his lunchbox to throw away except an apple core or banana peel. I send everything in reusable containers. I put his milk money in a little canister that came from a roll of camera film.

I just found this great reusable sandwich wrapper at

It wraps a sandwich, becomes a placemat while you're eating the sandwich, and then wipes right off to use again. I love the idea and wanted to share it with everyone.

I'm goign to order one, and I'll give a product review once my son tries it out for a while. Stumble Upon Toolbar

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