Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Light Green

I was contacted today from someone who had seen this blog about doing some writing. They are looking for someone to write for the 'light greens" out there. Those who aren't yet treehuggers but are on their way to becoming so.

So today's green term definition is light green. I suppose I'm a shade slightly darker than light green by now,what with the fact that I am trying to get a little greener every day. But I'm probably not so far dark that the "light greens" can't relate to me.  Or that I can't relate to them.

I did a little googling and apparently the "light green" term has been bouncing around for a while. Many of the comments I read were by people putting the light greens down. But hey, when it comes to the environment doing a little is far better than not doing anything at all.

This is not second nature to many of us. I'm  a child of the 80's - raised to believe that I am entitled to all of the conveniences life has to offer from paper plates to strawberries year round to a 10 MPG SUV that I use to solely go to the grocery store and pick up my kids from school in. Changing that mindset takes time. It takes education. It takes encouragement, not belittling from those who are "darker" than the rest of us.

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