Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My New Favorite TV Show - Get Fresh with Sara Snow

We can all agree that television has been quite sad lately between the writer's strike and some really awful reality shows. More and more I've been turning to The Food Network and HGTV for my viewing pleasure. I've also found a new favorite show on Discovery Health. It's Get Fresh with Sara Snow.

From the show's website:

In her new primetime series on Discovery Health Channel, Natural Living Expert Sara Snow bridges the gap between the mystique of healthy living and every day life; making healthy living everyday living.

I really enjoy watching Sara educate her viewers (me included) on the aspects of living a healthier, greener life every day. Even my eight year old son likes watching it with me.

The other night we were watching an episode that featured fashion made from sustainable materials. There was actually a sweater that had been made from milk. The milk is turned into a powder, some natural ingredients are added to the powder, and it is spun like cotton candy into a thread that can be made into clothing. How cool is that? The sweater was appropriately a milky white color and I would so wear it.

My eight year old was fascinated with the process of turning milk into clothing. I like this show because I find it both educational and inspirational, and the host, Sara Snow is a pleasure to watch - she's very likable.

If you're tired of the same old same old on TV, check out something Fresh.
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