Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour - It's Today

Well, I'm almost a little late for this party. I just found out about this late last night. Tonight at 8pm (whenever it's 8pm in their own time zone) people all over the world will turn off the lights in their homes, businesses, and organizations for one hour. Just one hour. 

For more information, or to sign up for the event (not that you have to sign up to participate, but the organizers are looking to get statistics) go to the Earth Hour website, here.

We're going to participate. How about you?
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domainism said...

Well done Robin! The symbolic gesture of lights-off outweighed though by the constant quest 'to be greener'.

As supporters of Earth Hour, perhaps we can suggest to you and your readers.

Our mission is also to be greener each and every day: one of our practical methods is to search greener. We'd like to think Google copied us ;) in using a dark screen for the day, but more importantly we use all money raised from searching with us to buy carbonoffsets - so we are a green search engine everyone can use daily.

We're free to use, with the same quality (Google) search, but rather than adopt a different colour or turn the lights-off for a day, we use less energy and offset emissions everday.

We hope you and others like you will join us: simply swap your normal Google search to and we can help you be "a little greener every day".


Robin Shreeves said...

Richard - thanks for the info. I'll try out your search engine for a few days, and if I like it, I'll definitely tell others.