Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Have you checked out ChicoBag lately?

I love ChicoBags. I've got several of them. I got my first one when they asked me to review their reusable bag for this blog, but since then they've created a couple of new bags that you should know about. 

The original ChicoBag was a brilliant idea. A durable, washable, reusable bag that folded up into a small pouch so you could put it in your handbag or your pocket and never be without a bag. 

I was listening to my favorite podcast, More Hip than Hippie, the other day while I was walking. The fabulous hosts, Dori and Val, were interviewing the founder of ChicoBag, Andy Keller. He was telling them about two new bags that the company now makes.

The first is the Vita. It's made of the same material that the original ChicoBag is made from and folds up into a pouch, but this one has long handles that can be put over your shoulder so you can carry it as a shoulder bag. The original didn't allow you to do it. The Vita sells for $8 on ChicoBag's site.

The second new bag is really impressive. It's called the rePETe, and this one is made of almost all recycled material.

The ChicoBag rePETe Original follows our Original reusable shopping bag design but is made from 99% recycled content by weight! Each rePETe has uniquely accented handles with the phrase, "This bag is made from 7 plastic bottles!" accompanied by a custom illustration. A list of the recycled materials used in manufacturing the rePETe is printed on the inside of each bag.

The rePETe sells for $9 on their website. The original, which is designed the same but made from virgin materials, sells for $5. 

I haven't tried either of these bags, but if they are of the same quality of the original ChicoBags that I have, they will be durable and wash up well. 

Images: ChicoBag site
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