Thursday, November 6, 2008

Take Some Time to Cancel Your Catalogs Today with Catalog Choice

I don't know how many times I've mentioned Catalog Choice on this blog, but they are worth mentioning yet again. Last year, I spent quite a bit of time calling catalog companies to cancel over 40 catalogs. Shortly after I did that, Catalog Choice popped up and it would have made my job so much easier.

Despite having cancelled over 40 catalogs last fall, I've got a stack of holiday catalogs piled up that I just cancelled from Catalog Choice's website. Some of them I have never received before. Others of them, I was sure I cancelled. But those resourceful marketing people must have done their homework because of the ones I know I cancelled, they now have arrived in my mailbox under my husband's name.  Aren't they clever. 

Chances are you've got a pile of catalogs that you've received in the past month. And chances are you'll receive two or three more of the same exact catalog before December 25th. Oh, the cover might be different, and the items on the pages shifted a bit, but essentially, they'll be the same exact catalog. It's crazy. All that paper. All those trees. All that water. And the poor mail carriers who have to break their backs delivering them. 

I urge you to take a pile of your catalogs today and spend five minutes on the website canceling them. You'll probably receive one (possibly two) more of each before the cancellation makes it through, but come next holiday season, you'll have a much smaller pile.

Oh, and make sure your catalogs get recycled. I know you already know that, but I'm reminding you anyway.
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GJK said...

I was JUST going to write you and ask you again what that website was. I bet we have gotten 5-6 catalogs a day since we got to Sioux City, and most of them I have NEVER heard of and would never order from. Ridiculous.

Robin Shreeves said...

Perfect timing. It is ridiculous how many catalogs are out there.

cheese said...


Chuck from Catalog Choice here ... thanks for mentioning our service. It is crazy hard to "green" the direct marketing industry. The collective voice of bloggers like you and the community are making a difference. Over 300 merchants are actively honoring requests and more a joining everyday.

Many consumers are pledging to shop from those merchants who are honoring requests. We provide the full list at

If we all stick together, we'll fix this process for the good of the consumer.