Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby bunnies in my garden bed

My husband ran across a little snafu today when he was cleaning out the garden bed. Baby bunnies right where the tomatoes should go. I'm looking for advice on when and how to safely move them.

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balmeras said...

Wow, what a great snafu!!! Who knew you could plant bunnies? ;-)

Cheers- Bethe

Jackie said...

Hopefully you've found that, once discovered, momma bunny will quickly move them to another location. I had the same thing happen to me yesterday - I actually accidentally threw one in the compost bin as I was cleaning out what I thought were a bunch of dry leaves (he was OK though). I returned him to the next and today they were all gone

Anonymous said...

i have the same little nest! i have a big vegetable garden and for some reason, they are living smack in the middle of my strawberry patch, under bird netting! i'd be happy enough with them anywhere else, but i'm afraid they'll grow and feast on my strawberries! my dogs have already smelled something and want to get into the garden - luckily it's fenced, but they're going crazy, which makes weeding fun.

i'm not even sure how momma bunny is getting through the fence, but the little guys are so sweet and i don't want to hurt them!

Robin Shreeves said...


If you work around the nest enough, without actually touching it, the mommy bunny will move her babies for safe keeping. That's what happened in our garden eventually.

The rabbits probably tunneled under the fence, and if they don't move they will be feasting on your strawberries quite contentedly.

They're cute little guys; but they get awfully hungry.

Anonymous said...

i'm crossing my fingers that momma moves them before my strawberries ripen! they've already come out and are green, but the bunnies don't look like they're packing their suitcases. is there any way to prompt momma to move her little ones any faster? could i carefully move them to another part of the garden where i haven't planted anything?