Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Expanding my Vocabulary

I read a new term the other day - greenwashing. It's when a company or an organization claims to be doing something green when in fact they aren't being very green at all. They are simply jumping on the green bandwagon since right now it's hip to be green.

Today I heard a commercial for the local mall. A husband and wife are talking about shopping. Wife says she's going to save the environment by doing all of her shopping in one place. She then goes on to name a gazillion products she's going to buy in that particular mall - products that of course are not helping the environmental problem at all. Her husband congratulates her on doing her part for the ecology.

My first thought - GREENWASHING! I was amazed at how quickly that word entered my vocabulary. So great, now with my constant nitpicking of commercials and advertisements - bad grammar and faulty logic abound everywhere - I'll be scrutinizing them for greenwashing.

It's a good term, it's just bad for someone with my idiosyncrasies.
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