Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Proud of my Hometown

I went to a meeting last week at our borough hall because I've been invited to be a committee to researching the possibility to green our municipal energy. At the meeting we had a question and answer period with someone from a company that would do an energy audit of our municipality and then come back to us with a "sustainable energy master plan." They would make recommendations as to how all of the energy that our municipality uses (borough hall, police station, fire station, traffic and street lights, etc.) could be changed to use sustainable energy sources.

It was a very educational meeting. I'm really proud that my little town is investigating these options and that the powers that be are really interested in seeing if it's possible to make this happen. 

It's also got me thinking about the renovations that my husband and I are planning for our home in the near future. We've already started talking about perhaps going a little smaller than originally planned to save on energy. But maybe we can have solar panels put on the roof. There are lots of other options that I don't know anything about, YET. But I am definitely going to do some research before we forge ahead with our plans.

One thing I definitely learned at that meeting the other night, I've got a lot left to learn.
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