Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What Should Go in the Packet?

As I've mentioned before, my town is going green. There are some very exciting, progressive things happening in my little town that has always prided itself on its old fashioned community way of life. 

As part of the town committee, I've been asked to create a Green Packet to be given to new residents. My task is to come up with materials for an information packet on the town's green initiatives and inform new residents how they can contribute. That's about all of the instruction I was given. So I'm wondering, what should go in this packet?

I've got a few ideas. 

A FAQ sheet for both paper recycling and plastic, glass, can recycling.
A refrigerator magnet with the department of public work's number on it for special trash pick up (like refrigerators or metal objects)
Information on CFL light bulbs including how to properly dispose of them and the closest disposal facility.
Information on the closest disposal facilities for many items such as batteries, paint cans, motor oil, electronics, etc.

Those are my ideas so far. If anyone reading this has any other ideas, let me know. I really want to do a thorough job.
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