Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Green Product Review - Sesame Street's Love the Earth DVD

Yesterday, my five year old and I sat down to watch Sesame Street's Save the Earth DVD which is being released today. It's been a while since we've watched any Sesame Street around here, and I wondered if it would keep my son's attention. It did.

Here's the premise: Elmo, Zoe and Baby Bear go to the woods with Papa Bear in search of an elusive bird that they must spot to get a badge on their Bear Scout sashes. While trying to find the bird, they learn about littering, recycling, the importance of trees, reusing items and conserving water. 

In between each new segment that was created for the DVD, there are clips of older Sesame Street segments that reinforce the lessons that were just learned by the three friends in the woods. 

I thought the DVD was very well done. The lessons were simple and very age appropriate for young children. Children as young as two are capable of understanding the concrete lessons that were taught:
  • you shouldn't throw your granola bar wrapper on the ground
  • you should put some items in recycling bins instead of trash cans
  • paper comes from trees and it's good to use both sides and then recycle it
  • many things can be reused
  • use water when you need it and no more than you need
For my son, none of these messages were new, but if you've got young ones and you're trying to introduce them to being environmentally responsible, this is an entertaining, gentle way to do so.

When I asked my son what the DVD was all about after it was done, he gave me one of those "why are you asking me a stupid question, mom?" looks. 

"It's about taking care of the earth, mom. I know it's important." 

This DVD will help other children know it's important, too.

When we were done, my son  went to the paper recycling bin and took out some food boxes and reused them to make other things, just like some of the kids in the video did.

A few things to know:
  • The DVD runs about 45 minutes long
  • It's only available at Walmart or Sam's Club
  • Its suggested retail price is $14.93

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Decaf, please said...

Sounds like a cute and helpful flick!