Thursday, December 18, 2008

Buy This to Remind Yourself to Consume Less. What?

So I'm doing a little stumbling today, and I come across a website that sells flags to hand outside your house, gas tank stickers to affix to your Prius, and t-shirts. All these things have a "green pride" logo on them. 

And here's the company's shtick:

It is our hope that when people begin to use these products, they are reminded of the need to consume less and that will lead to even greater action.

Translation: Please buy our useless products to remind yourself not to buy useless products. We're hoping the result may be that your friends will see your useless products and buy some of their own; therefore reminding them not to buy useless products. See, that's how to be green.

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Despairing said...

This is the kind of thing which makes me despair...

Allison said...

True that!!

Adam Shake said...

Sitting here, dont even know what to say. Ugh is right.