Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hitting the yard sales just got easier

Buying pre-owned stuff instead of new stuff is one way to be green. You help to keep perfectly useful items from ending up unused or in landfills and you keep new resources from being used to create new items.

Yard sales are one way to easily find new homes for your unused items and to find those items that you need. A new feature on Googlemaps is going to make it a lot easier to find yard sales in your area. Yard Sale Treasure Map lets you put in your location and then finds yard sales around you.  

The map uses Craigslist yard sale listings to compile the information. If you know of a yard sale that isn't listed on the map, you can input the address or just click on the map. It will add the sale to your map. Then you can print out a list of yard sales and directions so you can easily hit as many of them as you want.

I really think this is great. Even more so because for the first time in six years, I don't have a 9am baseball game every single spring morning. I used to hit the yard sales a lot when my boys were really little, but once they got old enough for sports, my spring and fall mornings (prime yard sale seasons around me) always had a 9am ball game. 

The Yard Sale Treasure Map was brought to my attention by one of my fellow bloggers on MNN, Jenn Savedge. She's the family blogger and always has great information about things to help your family go a little greener. Check her out.
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