Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meet 8 year old Ally

I've got an interview today with 8 year old Ally, a budding environmentalist. Last month, I ran the book fair at my boys' school. There was a book for kids about how to stop global warming, and Ally was the only kid I saw buy it.

My mom happened to be there that day (cause it doesn't matter how old you are, when you do something like run the entire book fair at the school, your mom shows up to spend a couple bucks and support you). She got into a conversation with Ally about the polar bears. Ally spoke very passionately about the polar bears so I asked if she would be interested in being interviewed for this blog. She agreed.

So everyone, meet Ally.

What are you most concerned about when it comes to the environment? Why?

I’m concerned about polar bears and trees so, so, so, so much. Polar bears can only live in one place, the Antarctic. If we don’t help them no one else will. I really don’t want polar bears to go extinct because they’re so cute and then there won’t be any bears left.

What can be done to help the polar bears?

People can use as less energy and water as possible. The energy goes up to the power plants and the more energy is used the more greenhouse gases come out. The more greenhouse gases come out the hotter the earth gets and the global warming melts the glaciers and the fish are going deeper than usual and the water level is rising and the bears can’t go down that deep to get the fish for their cubs.

What are things that you do in your house to help the polar bears and the environment in general?

I try to turn off electronics when I’m done using them and I try to use as less paper and water as possible.

Are there any other environmental problems you are concerned about? What are they?

I’m concerned about people cutting down too many trees.
What do you know that is good that people are doing to help the environment?

It’s good to know that some people are re-planting trees after they cut down other trees. We need trees because they clean the air by sucking in all the bad carbon dioxide and putting in good carbon dioxide. This keeps us breathing clean, healthy air.

\thank you for letting me say what I want to say about the environment. Ally

When I was talking to Ally, I asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. She told me she wanted to be an accountant because she's good with numbers and on the side she wanted to run environmental protests. Gotta love it!

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Nicole Feliciano said...

Excellent post. I love how connected with nature kids are. Saving Polar Bears makes sense! I was inspired to make this month GO GREEN month on momtrends and give my readers (mostly parents) simple ways to save the planet. One idea was to trade in plastic for reusable bottles. I even have a giveaway to make it simple. Check it out here: