Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Greening the summer reading list

Schools are ending for the summer (yay!), and children are coming home with summer reading lists. You may even have some books on your list that you'd like to read when you have some extra leisure time this summer. I've created a list for myself* so I make sure that I can in some pleasure reading - which for me is anything that is NOT related to the environment these days. 

How can you gather the books on your list while doing little harm to the environment? Go pre-owned. 
  • The library - I've read that library usage is way up in this economy so if you are going to use the library to get required books, you may want to pre-order them if your library allows. My library allows me to go online and select a book. If it's available they pull it from the shelf, and it's waiting for me when I get there. If it's checked out, it tells me when it's expected to be returned, and how many other people are waiting for it first. 
  • Library book sales - You can get books very inexpensively at library book sales, but you never know what you'll end up finding. If you're looking for specific books, it will be hit or miss. If you or your kids are just looking for something that catches your interest, this will be a great place to find it. You can go to booksalefinder.com to find library book sales in your area.
  • Yard sales - Again, it's hit or miss, but you never know when the yard sale gods will smile down on you.
  • Trade books you don't want anymoreSwaptreePaperback Swap or Book Crossing are sites that allow you to trade books (and other media) and help to match you up with someone who has what you want and is looking for what you have.
  • Buy used online - eBay; half.com; amazon; barnes and noble; alibris - these are all places where you can buy used books online. Be careful to make sure that the books are used; these places sell both.
  • Put out a request - Send an e-mail to your friends and family or put out a request on Facebook to borrow a specific book. If your 10th grader needs to read The Count of Monte Cristo for summer reading, someone you know is bound to have a copy of it.
You can also green your summer reading by downloading a book and listening to it on your mp3 player; however, I still like to have an actual book in my hand.

Any other ideas on where you can get used books to fulfill your summer reading list?

* I know you're dying to know what's on my summer reading list.

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balmeras said...

Love this post! I am a huge fan of our library book sale. 10 cents for a paperback -- then I take them back and donate to be resold. All the co-op & condos buildings in my neighborhood also have small libraries. It's a great way to share books and save money.

Cheers- Bethe

Nora said...

There are also two new book sale sites that post library book sales.


The manager one has an email notification option so you can be emailed when a sale nearby is listed.