Thursday, July 2, 2009

Environmentally themed independent film Future Weather needs your help

More and more movies are coming out about the environment, sustainability, food issues... I'm finally going to get to see Food, Inc. tonight. I'll have my thoughts posted next week.

There's another movie that most of you probably don't know about. I just found out about it last night when I attended Green Drinks (I may have some thoughts about that in the future, too). An intern who is working for an independent film company, Mary Pat, had the job of going up to lots of people who are involved in environmentalism one way or another, and tell us about the film. I hope that she was received well by everyone because although this was an environmental group, there was a lot of business networking going on. I suppose she was business networking, but not in the same way many of the people were. 

But I digress (imagine that). The movie is Future Weather, and it's a finalist in the Netflix Find Your Voice Competition. It's the only environmentally themed movie up for the award. 

Head over the site, take a look at the video from Future Weather, and consider giving it 5 stars so their message can be head by more people. Voting ends July 5, and right now the movie is ranked 1st. Your vote can help it stay there.

Have you checked out the $1 charity fundraiser that I’m participating in with a group of other fine eco-bloggers? We’re trying to raise money for an environmental group and those who donate get to vote on who gets the money. Please consider voting and donating a dollar.

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Anonymous said...

I just want to add that what makes this film different from all the other enviro films coming out (And yes, you should RUN to see Food Inc) is that it is not a documentary. Instead it's the personal coming of age story of a little girl trying to make sense of this world and its problems and feeling pretty abandoned by those who are supposed to be taking care of things. And I think the short Netflix clip fuses the issues of personal and global responsibility brilliantly.

Robin Shreeves said...

Thanks Beth - I'll be interested in seeing the entire film. I just went to the website, and since the film is ranked #1 and voting was supposed to close yesterday, I believe it must have gone on to the finals!