Thursday, December 11, 2008

Green Celebrations: My Christmas Party and an Inaugural Ball

What do my annual neighborhood Christmas party and an upcoming inaugural ball have in common? 

This Saturday night is our annual Christmas party. We invite our friends from the neighborhood and have a kid-less evening. Last year, I did the best I could to make the event green, but this year I'm adding a couple of additional earth-friendly elements. 

After lasts year's party I wrote a post When It's Okay to Use Paper Products. Check it out. It holds up well. 

My party is not the only green one on the horizon. I read that that one of the pre-inauguration balls has gone green.  The first eco-friendly inauguration celebration will be held on January 17th.

How will it be eco-friendly? Here is what is planned:
  • catering will be 100% organic and include vegetarian and vegan options
  • the bars will feature local and organic beverages
  • food waste and flowers will be composted
  • glass bottles will be recycled
  • lighting will be LED
  • efficient lighting and energy entertainment systems will be used
  • energy usage will be offset by the purchase of wind power credits
It think this is great, and while I can't do all of this at my own party, I'm inspired by the example which is exactly what the event planners hope to do. Except they aren't looking to inspire me. One of the planners of the celebration says the
goal is to bring attention to this issue while the Presidential Inaugural Committee and many other groups are still early in their planning. We hope to set an example to other organizations and encourage them to green their events, as well
Good for them.

Now here's my question for you. What can you do this holiday to inspire those around you without being the obnoxious green person? Think about it. Tomorrow, I'll have a list of things that you change or add to your holiday celebration that won't scream "I'm green" but will be smart choices.

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Janine said...

Suggestion - We've been buying wine at the local liquor stores that is from a local winery, I was thinking of gifting it a bit as well. There's some available from at least two different local wineries. My favorite is the cranberry most likely cause of my Jersey blood:)

Robin Shreeves said...

Thanks Janine - that will certainly make it into my post