Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Green Term of Week: Congreenience (which you can read more about on Mother Nature Network)

I came across a new term the other day: congreenience. It's used to describe something that is convenient and green at the same time. As in congreenience store. As in the Simply Green congreenience store that just opened up in New Hampshire that sells biofuel, fair trade coffee, pastries and sandwiches from local sources and has solar panels on the roof, bamboo on the floors and LED lighting throughout the store.

I wrote more about this congreenience store over at my new blogging job on Mother Nature Network(MNN). And now I'm inviting all of you to head over there and check it out. Take a look at my posts, register on the site, and leave a comment or two.

I've been hired to be their food blogger, and I'll be blogging two or three times a day on cooking, food, groceries, dining out, gardening, farms, beer and wine. I'm really excited to be part of the Mother Nature Network team. The website covers all aspects of the environment. Once you're done checking out my posts, feel free to browse around for a while.

The site launched in Beta on Monday so the tech guys are still working out some kinks. We've been asked to invite friends and family to head over and be the first to discover what it has to offer. 

Even though I'll be over there two or three times a day, A Little Greener Every Day won't be going away. This blog is very important to me. I'll still be here daily, Monday through Friday. I'll be talking about MNN a lot in the future, though, so if you want to know what I'm talking about, you need to head there now. 
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Adam Shake said...

I'll be following you over to MNN. Keep up the good work.

Robin Shreeves said...

Thanks Adam.