Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Are you planning your garden yet?

We've had three warmish days in a row. It's been wonderful. The children have been outside a lot, I've been outside walking, and I've been wandering around my yard, thinking about gardens. 

It's that time. Time to plan your garden. Time to order your seeds. And almost time to start a lot of those seeds indoors. Are you planning yet? I am.

I'm thinking about what worked last year and what didn't. I'm paying more attention to the growth time of particular seeds so I can start some earlier than others. I'm figuring out how soon I can plant certain plants so I can get them in the ground as soon as possible. 

Last year, I started everything at the same time and planted it all on the same day. Some things started to thrive immediately. Other things, like my oregano, took many weeks to start to grow once it got in the ground. Turns out, it takes oregano a really long time, compared to say basil, to start to thrive. So this year, I'll be starting it from seed indoors weeks before I start my basil.

I'm also not going to bother growing those things that the critters ate completely before I had a chance to get to them like the carrots. 

One other change I'm going to make is to take the small sunny spot on my front lawn and plant some herbs there. What I'd like is for it to be available to everyone in the neighborhood. Partly because I want to share and partly because I want those who don't garden to get a taste for fresh and local.

Last year, I started my organic garden knowing not much of anything. I learned a lot. I'm excited to put what I learned to practice this year and learn even more.

Oh, and my six-year-old insists that we grow cantaloupes this year. That should be interesting. I've never grown fruit before. 

What are your plans?

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Emily Oleaga-Talley said...

Eggplants! I had tomato, pepper, sad cucumbers and CRAZY zucchini (that came in the cucumber packet)last year. What I learned is that zucchini will take over your whole yard, my vine grew to about 25 feet long and if you don't have a lot of bees you need to cross pollinate the flowers yourself. Although I loved picking them in the morning and eating them at dinner. But back to eggplants, I want to grow some smaller eggplant varieties. My kids really enjoyed helping me start the seeds and watching the fruits and veggies grow in the yard.

If you ever pop by my house, you'll see that my neighbors (who we share the twin with) and I have a communal garden in the front yard where we grow a variety of herbs and flowers as well. It works out great! Good luck with your front yard garden.

Janine said...

I've been garden dreaming as well, loved it so much last year.

Just found out you can grow cabbage in early Spring and it's done by June so you can plant something else in the same place.

I will be expanding this year, I had lot's of luck with tomatoes (which squirrels eat but I had enough to share), egg plants and poblano peppers. I need try my cucumbers and zucchini in another spot.

I really want to incorporate some fruit and berries, so thanks for the melon idea.

Sara said...

I've been garden planning, too! A huge garden this year - can't wait! Your oregano from last year should come back this year - its a perennial. So you may not need to start as much from seed. Just a thought. :)

Adam Shake said...

Hey Robin,

My wife and I planted cantaloupes last year and we must not have timed them right. Cantaloupe is a vine that sends out "feelers" that grow across the ground. We planted ours to close to our vegetables and the vines got to be about 6 feet long and wanted to choke off everything they came near. So I started cutting it back and I think that effected the fruit. (there wasn't much)If you have luck with them, let me know?

Robin Shreeves said...

Glad to know I'm not the only planning right now. I'm also psyched that it is only three months until the opening of the farmer's market. Who would have ever guessed these were the types of things that would get me excited in my old age?