Tuesday, February 10, 2009

EcoSteal: Bringing you one eco-bargain at a time

I came across a website the other day called ecosteal. They offer "one organic, eco-friendly, or recycled steal at a time: get it before it's gone." Here's the deal. They offer one product at a time at a 40-80% discount. When they are gone, they're gone. Then they put up the next deal. 

Right now the eco-product they are offering for a steal is a Mountainsmith - Cyber II Recycled compact digital camera case for $9.99.

I don't see myself ordering a new ecosteal every day, but I can see this being something where perhaps there might be a good deal on something I'd like to get for a gift for someone. So I signed up to receive their alerts. The other day when I first came across the site, they had some cute organic t-shirts with hip designs that would have been perfect gifts for my nieces had it been closer to the holidays.
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