Monday, February 16, 2009

Divine praise

Short post today - the boys are off from school and I have to fit in working and mommying on a Monday. I wanted to share with you some praise I have for the chocolate that I bought the boys for Valentine's Day. I took the advice that Lynn and Corey from Celebrate Green gave me when I interviewed them for MNN, and bought the boys a small amount of really good, Fair Trade chocolate.

I bought them each a small bar of Divine milk chocolate. That was it for the candy. We gave it to them mid-morning Saturday. About a half hour after we gave it to them, my nine year old came up with one of the four small squares from the bar.

"Mom,  you've got to try this. This is the best chocolate I've ever had." He gave me a piece. He took another piece to his dad. 

A few minutes later, my six year old came up with a piece of his bar for me, and took a piece to my husband, too. He thought it was so good, he had to share it. They each gave away half of the best candy bar they ever had. My boys are awesome.

It was really, really good chocolate. I've had various fair trade and organic chocolates before, but this was by far the best. 

I'll be writing more about fair trade in the weeks to come, but for now, if you see this chocolate on a shelf, grab some. The small bar only cost $1.45 - certainly pricier than a Hershey Bar but worth every penny more.
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