Monday, June 8, 2009

Get your kids out in nature

On MNN's The Green Parent video series this week, Keri Greenwald talks about getting your kids out into nature so that they can learn to love the planet that you are trying to teach them to take care of.

Our friend, Bethe Almeras from the Grass Stain Guru would certainly agree. And so do I. We need to get our kids outdoors more, and not just on the ball fields for organized sports. They need to have unstructured free time to explore nature, get dirty from head to toe, become connected to the nature around them so they can feel an ownership (but a nurturing ownership - not a I can do whatever I want with it cause it's mine type of ownership).

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1 comment:

wildwoodpro said...

I couldn't agree more.
As a mother of 3, I have always had two major concerns: children are spending far less time playing outdoors than ever before; the Natural Environment around us is constantly being plundered and destroyed.
As a child, I reveled in the magic of Mother Nature. As a parent, I now feel driven to protect it. I want my children and the generations that follow to inherit the same privileges that I once enjoyed.
This led me to create The Little
The Little Humbugs are based on an award winning book series that involves children on a quest to protect our Natural World.
Marghanita Hughes