Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Green Products are Making Their Way to Club Stores

I stopped shopping at my local BJ's quite a few months ago. When I started buying a lot of organic food, many of the things that were cheaper at BJ's were not organic like milk, eggs and meat. But I still have a membership and yesterday I got their coupon magazine in the mail.

I was surprised at all of the organic options that the store is now advertising. Milk, butter, frozen fruits and vegetables, eggs, yogurt, ketchup, and olive oil are just some of the staples that were mentioned in the magazine. They are also carrying a lot more all natural products (but not necessarily organic) including all natural meats and lunch meats.

Some eco-friendly cleaning products were also advertised in the magazine, as well. 

A quick google of the other two club stores in my area, Sam's Club and Costco, shows that they, too, are adding organic, natural, eco-friendly and fair trade products to their shelves.

I think I'm going to have to plan a trip to my local BJ's sometime soon to check out what they are offering and what the prices are. 

Has anyone noticed that earth friendlier products are showing up on their club store's shelves. How do the prices match up to what you might find in the grocery store? Have you tried any of the products? Were they any good? 

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