Sunday, March 1, 2009

First Thursdays becomes Hobo Mondays

Michelle from the awesome Thursday Night Smackdown blog has done away with her First Thursday challenge for the time being since we're all pretty much broke at the moment. Instead she is instituting Hobo Mondays, or as she likes to call it Cheap Ass Mondays. She's been doing Cheap Ass Mondays for a while now, making a really inexpensive, but usually creative, meal every Monday night.

Tomorrow night will be the first advent of this event. What are the rules?
  1. In the interest of those whose blogs are not R-rated, the event will be called “The Recession Special: Hobo Mondays.”
  2. The meal must either serve 2 for $5 or less (total, not per person) or 4 for $10. If your family is larger than that, add $1.50 per additional family member. However, You cannot take advantage of economies of scale by making enormous meals that serve 200 and come in at $0.10 a person. Sometimes we only have $5 in our pockets and we still need dinner. Currency conversion is allowed.
Click here to see the remaining rules - they aren't that complicated.

Unlike First Thursdays, you don't need to use a cookbook to participate in Hobo Mondays. 

Since it looks like many of us are going to be snowed in tomorrow (ya, I'll believe it when I see it), tomorrow night might be the perfect night for a creative Hobo dinner. We just might need to scrounge through our cupboards and see what we can throw together.

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