Friday, May 1, 2009

5 Ways to be green on an average Friday night

It's Friday. Yay! It's been a long week. If you've got a family like I do, most of the time Friday night means pizza, a family movie, maybe hanging out with the neighbors. Once in a while it means getting sitter and going out, but more often than not Friday nights are spent close to home. It's not bad. I like my family and my neighbors. So, on one of these average Friday nights, what some things you can do to make them greener?
  1. Borrow a movie from a neighbor instead of hopping in the car to go rent one or buy one. Everyone I know has a DVD collection. Opening up DVD libraries to your friends saves gas and money.
  2. Indulge in local or organic adult beverages. Friday night often includes a glass of wine or a bottle of beer (or two), chose local or organic drinks to make your indulging a little greener. Recycle empties!
  3. If you're heading outside to spend time with neighbors, turn off the lights in your house and power down electronics you're not using.
  4. Bring out a big jug of water or iced tea and cups for the kids instead of having them go through countless individual beverages.
  5. I know part of the Friday night pizza ritual for most people is having the opportunity not to cook, but if you're up for it, make your own pizza from organic ingredients instead of having one delivered.
These are all little things, but the little things add up. Do you have any suggestions to add? Enjoy your Friday night!
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Anonymous said...

LOVE the list! We make homemade pizza every week (either Friday or Saturday night) and the girls love to put on their own toppings and "decorate" their pizza. One of their favorite toppings is carrots!

Love the photo... that looks how I felt when I got up this morning!


Robin Shreeves said...

mygreenside - do you have a pizza dough recipe that you think is great? I'm still experimenting with dough. I've used my bread machine and my kitchenaid to make dough, but I've never made it by hand.