Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A fair trade mother's day basket

I don't particularly like gift baskets when you order them from a company that puts them together for you. There's always items in there that are useless or at least not to the recipient's tastes. But I think putting together you're own gift basket with useful and appreciated items is thoughtful and personal.

Mother's Day is this Sunday, and if you need a gift for a foodie, then I think creating a gift basket with
fair trade products is a great way to go. What can you put in the basket?
  • Wine - There are many fair trade wines out there. I did a review on one Live-a-Little Really Ravishing Red, a South African Shiraz, last week on MNN. If you are unfamiliar with fair trade wines, try going to a larger wine store and ask for some recommendations.
  • Chocolate - My personal recommendation for fair trade chocolate is Divine, but there are many really good fair trade chocolates out there. In my region, I can get them at Wegmans, Whole Foods, and I think perhaps Trader Joe's.
  • Coffee/Tea - Fair trade coffees abound at many grocery stores and there is usually some selection of fair trade teas, also. If you're adding tea, you may also be able to find fair trade honey to go with it.
  • Baked goods - Use fair trade chocolate, cocoa or sugar to make some decadent treats to put in the basket.
  • Vanilla - If the mom is a baker, she'll be happy to have some fair trade vanilla for your spice shelf.
  • Flowers - Fair trade flowers are available, but not everywhere. Click here to see some national sources. If you can't find fair trade flowers and still want to shower mom with some, go with a local grower.
What do you think? Would your mom be happy to get this as a gift. I'm a mom, and I know I would be. Stumble Upon Toolbar

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Chi said...

I'm getting my mum possibly a hummingbird feeder for her organic garden. :)

This article is also great for green gift giving: http://www.intent.com/blog/2009/04/22/giving-gift-increase-its-impact-choosing-green