Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Lorax Project Update

I've been remiss in checking the website for The Lorax Project, but I just checked this evening. There is something there now. It's still not very clear what the project is all about, but you can sign your name and e-mail address to receive information on when the Lorax returns. 

When I clicked on the button to sign myself up (the button says "speak for the trees" by the way) it took me to a thank you page that had a little  card on it. At the top of the card it said "Truffula Seed Pledge." 

I'm hoping that the site gets a little more involved by Earth Day. Check out what's there now yourself at

I also found a little info at the Sylvania lighting's website. Apparently, they are a part of this project, too. Click here to see how they are a part.

So that's what I've got for you. It isn't very clear what this whole thing will be, but it is clear to me that a lot of people are interested in it. When I look at what people are googling when they find my blog, the number one thing that sends people here is when they google "The Lorax Project." So a lot of people are wondering. 

Earth Day is next week. I'm hoping we find out more then.
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