Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Flower Lovers Green Dilema

It's spring, and flowers are starting to bloom. Usually around this time of year, I start heading to my local Produce Junction to buy really inexpensive cut flowers to fill my home. However, from what I understand the flowers are grown in South America, and judging by the price that I pay for them and the amazing number of flowers they offer every day, I have to guess they aren't grown organically. So they are being shipped very far and the growing of them is probably damaging the land.

I stopped buying produce from them months ago for the same reasons. Although their prices are really great, I couldn't continue to buy from them in good conscience. 

But now that it is spring, I want flowers. I've decided to wait until about a month from now when the local farmer's market opens. I'll be able to buy flowers from local growers that are fresh cut. 

Sometimes being green is inconvenient. This is a small inconvenience I know, but I'm from a generation that feels entitled to having everything they want when they want it. But that mindset is slowly changing, and people like me are choosing to change things, like when and where they buy their flowers, a little more every day. 

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