Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Home, Sweet, Home

We stepped foot in our front door at about 12:30 this morning from our week in Arizona. It was a fantastic vacation. Our niece was a beautiful, confident bride and she not only got a great husband but two very lovable stepchildren all in one day, and we got three new family members. 

I did resist the urge to post while I was gone, but I have lots of thoughts about traveling, recycling, consuming, and talking about environmentalism. I'll post some of them over the next few days.

I may post later today. Depends on how quickly I can get through the mounds of laundry, mail, voice messages and e-mail that I have to go through.

Don't forget that tomorrow starts A Little Greener Every Day's first challenge. Click here to read all about it. I'm very excited that some of you are on board!
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Janine said...

Welcome Home! Just a note - for those in the Cherry Hill, NJ area - the Cherry Hill mall is running something where you bring 30 plastic shopping bags and a $2 donation and you get a canvas shopping bag. Today is the last day. Sorry I forget what organizations are taking the donations (two different, one for the bags and one for the money)or you can just bring your bags and donate them. I believe you go to customer service. My mother is there now giving ours.

Robin Shreeves said...

Thanks for the info Janine!