Thursday, August 28, 2008

GreenFest Philly Eco-Exchange Fashion Show and Clothing Swap

I've already told you about GreenFest Philly that will be happening on September 7th. There is a lot going on, and over the next week, I'll be letting you know about the things that I am most looking forward to.

The GreenFest Philly Eco-Exchange Fashion Show and Clothing Exchange is definitely one thing I will be checking out. It's not so much the fashion show I'm excited about (although I am interested to see if they are actually wearable fashions or crazy things that are made from eco-friendly materials but still totally useless). It's the clothing exchange that's got me all a flutter.

See, with the exception of a new pair of sandals and one new shirt, I have been on a new clothing fast this summer. It's been hard. So the opportunity to take some of my unused clothes, and possibly exchange them for some new-to-me clothes, at a green festival is pretty exciting. Who knows if I'll find anything I like or in my size, but it will be fun just looking.

Here are the guidelines for the exchange, straight from the Philly GreenFest website:


11AM – 5PM at GreenFest Philly

It’s time to recycle and revitalize your wardrobe at the Eco Exchange clothing swap. A swap is a fun, eco-friendly way to get rid of previously loved clothing in return for new-to-you items. Swappers are stylish, kind, resourceful individuals of all ages, shapes, sizes and styles: Classic, Trendy, Vintage, Sporty and more. All unclaimed clothing will be donated.

1. Clean your closets.

2. Wash and sort your gently used clothing: women’s, men’s, kid’s; tops, sweaters, outerwear, shorts, pants, skirts, dresses, footwear and fabric. Don’t forget footwear, scarves, hats, jewelry and accessories.

3. If possible, put professional and dressy clothing on hangers; pack the rest into boxes and bags.

4. At the swap, put your items out on the tables in designated areas and scout for new clothes.

5. Be courteous and generous.
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Cheap Cookin Mama said...

That looks awesome! Sounds like me and my hubby might go:)