Monday, August 25, 2008

Planet Green's Stuff Happens Show to Return on August 26th

I haven't watched anything on Planet Green since the week it premiered. It turned out the only show I thought worth watching was Bill Nye's Stuff Happens. It was informative and entertaining and on once. Well, it was on a couple of times but it was the same episode repeated. 

I searched for information as to why no new episodes seemed to be coming and after a while I found out that the original show was just a preview, and it's actual premiere would happen in the fall. 

Well, here's another sign that fall is upon us, because the show will once again be on at 9pm on August 26th. Unfortunately, it will be kicked off with that original episode. But, hopefully, next week we will get a brand spankin' new episode. According to Planet Green's website, a new episode, titled Bathrooms, will premiere on September 2.

Hmmm. I sense a new regular feature coming on "Last Night on Stuff Happens..." 

Image from Planet Green website.
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