Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Greenwashed Thing That Came From the Newspaper

This was a post just waiting to happen. My neighbor asked if I wanted a book cover that had come in her newspaper for one of the boys' schoolbooks. I don't buy book covers, I use paper bags. But I said sure because it was free, and she would have just put it in the recycle bin if I hadn't taken it anyway.

Well, it was a GREEN book cover. There were tips for going green written all over it. You know who sponsored the book cover and put it in the newspaper? One of the local malls. On the side of the book cover is a perforated section of coupons for stuff in the mall - fast food, clothes, shoes, jewelry. 

At the bottom corner of the book cover is says "Please recycle this cover at the end of the school year." But you know what? No where on the book cover does it say it is made from recycled paper.

That mall really has a good greenwashing, I mean marketing, department.
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