Monday, August 18, 2008

Lessons Learned at the Pond

My six year old and I took a walk around a beautiful, peaceful pond on Friday morning. The picture to the left isn't the exact pond, but it looks similar. Peaceful, isn't it.

Lately, when I've been out with my kids in nature, I've been paying attention to what they are discovering as well as what I am learning. I figure if I'm trying to care for this earth, I should pay attention to it, too.

Here are some things we learned:
  • Lily pads have long tails. (Are they really lily pads if they don't have lilies on them or are they something else?)
  • Ponds can be man made.
  • Trees and clouds are upside down in the water's reflection.
  • If you lean over the dock and your gum falls out of your mouth when you talk, a bunch of fish will rush at it and one will eat it.
  • We have no idea what gum does to a fish.
  • Fish can jump up out of the water.
  • Flat stones skip better than round ones.
  • Ripples are what is created when you throw a stone into the water.
  • Walking around the pond with your six year old is much better than watching TV in the morning.
How was your weekend? What did you learn?

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Cheap Cookin Mama said...

You're reminding me I need to get to a park:) I love enjoying nature with my kids.

Robin Shreeves said...

Hey cheap cookin mama - you've been MIA for a while. Good to see you here again. Only a couple of weeks to play with the kids before school starts again - get out and play!

Despairing said...

I've no idea what gum does to a fish either, but my granny always taught me that if I swallowed gum then it would get wrapped around my intestines and I'd never be able to poo again. This put me off gum for life!

On the other hand, granny also told me that when she was growing up, her granny told her that when the Royal Family go to the toilet, their doings come out wrapped in silver foil, and she believed it.

So I wouldn't trust my granny's judgement on anything to do with going to the bathroom!

Robin Shreeves said...

Desparing - Granny's are great - we'll believe anything they tell us. My Nan (my mom's mom) pretty much lied about everything including her name and age. When she died my mom found out from her birth certificate that she was born in 1899 not 1901 like she said. When Nan's sister was asked about it she said that she didn't like the fact that she was born in the last century - it made her feel old. So she changed her birth year to the (then) current century. She also told everyone her name was Francine when it was really Francis - she thought Francis was an ugly name. Her sisters kept quiet about it. What a hoot!