Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Green Term of the Week - Eco-Therapy

Okay, I don't know whether to laugh at this one or take it seriously. There is now a type of therapy known as eco-therapy that will help those who feel anxiety over their carbon footprints and the fate of the world. It's a form of eco-psychiatry. Yes, there is an actual school of psychology known as eco-psychiatry.

Any of you who read this blog regularly know that I'm pretty laid back. I don't believe in beating yourself up over your "eco-sins." Frankly, I don't believe in beating yourself up over any sins. I have a strong belief in grace and forgiveness and making a choice to do things differently the next time.

Yet I must confess (why is there so much religion jargon here?) that I have had a few mini panic attacks checking out at the grocery store. Not just pangs of guilt when I see the plastic containers my organic milk comes in or the little plastic baggies that my bulk organic oatmeal is wrapped in, but actual dizziness and heart palpitations. Where did that come from?

So this week's term is eco-therapy. It's out there if you need it. But sometimes ice cream is a good form of therapy, too. Just sayin'.

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Despairing said...

I went through a phase last year of having nightmares about my carbon use.

It could have been worse. I remember my sister as a kid having nightmares about the three-times table!

It's funny just what our subconscious makes us worry about, when there are other things it will let slide with barely a brainwave devoted to them.

Robin Shreeves said...

Nightmares about your carbon use! That's awful. If I have one of those tonight, I'm going to blame you.