Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Green Term of the Week - No Child Left Inside

This week's green term really isn't a green term - it's a legislative bill that our representatives will be voting on this week.

I'm going to point you to one of my colleagues over at Green Options who wrote about this today. Please follow the link and read her post - she has links to the No Child Left Inside website that allows you to very easily send an e-mail to your state representative urging him or her to vote for this bill or send a thank you note if your representative is already endorsing it. It will take you less than two minutes to send the e-mail. I've already done it.

As The US House of Representatives votes on No Child Left Inside this week, this is your last chance to let your legislator know you want MORE funding for training teachers in outdoor education, MORE funding to expand environmental education programs and MORE programs to ensure that US graduates are environmentally literate.

Read the rest of Last Chance for No Child Left Behind at Eco Childs Play
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