Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things That Bug Me

I've got another busy day here, but I'll try to get in a real post a little later. Until then I just need to rant about something that bugs me.

I get mail from companies and sometimes on the envelope there is a little recycling symbol and the words "please recycle." Yet, there is no indication on the envelope that it is made from recycled materials. So, these companies want me to do the right thing by recycling but they can't do the right thing by buying post-consumer content paper. 

It bugs me.

And, speaking of bugs, if you're curious about the mating rituals of insects (especially when the insect is played by Isabella Rossellini in a bug suit), check out a post I wrote Isabella Rossellini Makes Porno - Available Online. It's not nearly as seedy as it sounds.
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