Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Someone to root for

Is your favorite baseball team letting you down this early in the season already? Do you need someone really worth rooting for? How about rooting for Nathan Winters as he starts his "adventurous, real time and interactive bike ride across America dedicated to raising awareness for land and nature conservation starting May 10th in Maine."

What exactly does Nathan hope to accomplish with this trip? Here's his answer straight from the Q&A portion of his website

During this journey I am looking to create a very "on the ground" journalistic and educational experience and here are a few different ways I plan to do so:
  • Meet local farmers and land owners and conduct video and audio interviews. I am looking to learn first hand and educate my audience on the issues and risks our farmers and land owners are up against in today’s tough economy, convenience driven society and the cost of farming and maintaining land. I am also looking to stress the importance of consuming natural, organic and locally farmed foods.
  • I am looking to explore and learn about various parts of our country where the effects of climate change, commercial development and destruction of wild land has harmed, tarnished or endangered our natural wildlife and their habitats.
  • Get connected with people in the local community who care and or are working directly with the agriculture and wilderness communities. I would like to hear their thoughts, opinions and strategies to help improve and preserve the beautiful lands that are still available to us.
  • Gain traction with the local press. I am looking for outlets to have my voice and cause heard and brought to the stage. Raising awareness to the importance of land and nature conservation is essential.
  • Get connected with people at local universities and speak to students, professors in regards to the importance of the environment, land conservation, sustainability, climate control and how these issues tie into the new "political agenda".
  • Get involved with the local biking community. I need tips, routes, and possible meet ups with other riders.
  • I plan to attend events and conferences in the local area that will allow me to learn, educate my audience and network with other like minded individuals. I would enjoy creating recaps and highlights on my blog and social media platforms.
  • Places to stay, things to do, good timin locals, families and an all around fun experience. I want to experience every nook and cranny in every community I visit.
Now, doesn't rooting for this guy sound like something you want to do? There are several ways you can follow Nathan on his journey.

keep an eye on his website.
follow him on Twitter
friend him on
become his fan on
facebook (which yes, is different than becoming his friend)
read his
watch his
YouTube videos

Okay, this guy knows how to work the social media.

Nathan takes off this Sunday for his trip. He has no time table (ah - sounds wonderful), but if you'd like to see the route he's taking, click

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