Friday, May 29, 2009

The ziploc bag dilemma

Ziploc bags? How un-environmental, right? Still, sometimes they come in handy. I only use a fraction of the amount I used to use. I try to find alternatives like reusing bread bags and cereal box liners instead of ziplocs. But as I'm working towards wasting less food and cooking double batches to save money and time, I find that I need them once in a while.

I found a fabulous post today on
The Greenest Dollar on How to reuse and recycle ziplocs. There are ideas for washing and drying them, labeling them so there is no cross contamination, and tips for figuring out how to recycle them when they have outlived their usefulness. Hop on over to the website and read the piece. It's helpful.

My youngest is in a production of
The Wizard of Oz this weekend (he's a munchkin and a flying monkey and a flower) - they are putting on three performances, plus his 7th birthday is tomorrow, and my oldest still has baseball, so I'm running around like a mad woman today so there's no original post.

Have a fabulous weekend.
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GJK said...

Robin, my mom used to wash and re-use every plastic bag she got. My sisters and I joked about it. We assumed she did that because she grew up in the Depression. My oldest sister remarked once that she'd finally reached the financial position where she realized she didn't have to wash and re-use her plastic bags anymore. :) And now it's cool! Who knew! I always re-use bags with dry stuff (cuz I'm cheap), but I haven't yet gone so far as to WASH my ziplocs. Hmmmmm

Robin Shreeves said...


I used to wash them out when we were first married because we had a REALLY tight budget and Brian thought I was crazy. Then we got comfortable economically and I went through them like crazy. Now I try to avoid them.

I think that the inserts of cereal boxes and cracker boxes work really well when you double them up with another bag like a bread bag. I wrap breads and rolls like that all the time and they come out fine. It's when I've got meat that I want to serve in smaller portions that I end up using a ziploc. There's no perfect solution except zero waste, and I haven't figured that one out yet.

caitlin said...

For lunch and anytime I want to carry around some snacks I use Snack Taxis ( They come in all sorts of fun designs and have sandwich and snack sizes available. I bought 5-6 of them and use them all the time. I love them! And I always get asked about them, which I've found helps other people realize how many ziploc bags they go through. Saves money and is eco-friendly. :)