Thursday, July 2, 2009

Declaring food independence

Over at MNN, we're pushing a campaign spearheaded by Kitchen Garden International, the same organization that asked for the WHO Garden (White House Organic Garden - and it did happen!). The campaign is called Food Independence Day.

What's it all about? Basically they are asking all of us to declare food independence by making our 4th of the July feasts from local foods. That's not all, though. They are calling upon the first families from all 50 states (the governor's families) to do the same. To show their support for the local foods in their states.

I challenge you to rise to this challenge. 4th of July is on Saturday this year which means many of us will be able to wake up and go to a farmers market. You can get the freshest, best tasting foods. You can help pump money back into your local economy. You can show your small local farmers that you appreciate their hard work, and you want them to continue doing what they do. You might not be able to buy everything for your celebration from local producers, but consider buying what you can.

MNN has created a clickable map that takes you to recipes that can be made from local foods that are available in each state right now.

I'm not sure what my menu for the 4th will look like yet. I may not know until I get to the farmers market on Saturday morning. But I know most of the food will be fresh, delicious, natural and local.

And don't forget the liquid refreshment, either. If you can buy beer or wine from local breweries and wineries, go for it.

If you're having a BBQ or cookout this 4th, I've got some tips for greening your BBQ.

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