Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Looking for Mini Eco-Challenge Ideas

I can't believe it's June 17th already. I can't believe today was the last day of school! It couldn't have come soon enough. If I'm this ready for it, imagine how ready my kids are. Tomorrow will be a throw away day. Nothing on the schedule.

If they want to sleep in, they can sleep in.

If they want to watch movies all day, they can watch movies.

If they want to play video games till their eyes bleed, they can do that, too.

But the day after tomorrow we get down to serious summer doings. The pool, the beach, working out in the garden, playing with friends, catching fireflies (did some of that tonight), and chasing the ice cream man down the street shall commence.

And time will fly. Which is why I'm already thinking about July's mini eco-challenge. I thought I'd ask for some suggestions for our monthly one week challenge. What are some simple challenges that we can make for just one week that will make a difference. Maybe we'll even adopt some of these changes permanently.

Allison over at It's the Little Thinks has made one of June's challenges, hiding the paper towels, a habit. I'm attempting to make another of June's challenges, cooking one meal completely from local ingredients, a weekly habit. What's great about these mini-challenges is they let us commit to something for a very manageable period of time, and when we see how easy some of them are, we realize it won't take much to make a longer commitment.
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Allison said...

Maybe replace something you normally buy with a green alternative. Like baking bread insead of buying it. That eliminates the plastic bag. Or water from a plastic bottle with a glass of water from the faucet.
People can come up with their own and we get ideas from that.
(Look at me giving you ideas. Like I'm say, "Robin, you do it and I don't have to." You have more readers than me so I can get my word out better using your blog. Ha Ha.)

Robin Shreeves said...

I asked for ideas so keep em coming. No plastic water bottles - I think I'll do add that one. Maybe I should make it no individual plastic beverage bottles at all - soda, sports drinks, juice - all of them. That would be a challenge for me.