Friday, June 27, 2008

Your Proudest Green Accomplishment

First of all, I want to thank everyone for chiming in with support about my drinking problem yesterday. I'm taking Allison up on her challenge and committing to one week without diet soda. Actually, any soda. If I sound a bit grumpy around here, you'll know why.

So I've been noticing some new commenters here and there lately, and according to Google Analytics, my readership has been increasing nicely lately. So I thought today, I'd ask everyone to chime in. I'd like to know who you all are. So here's what we're talking about today.

My proudest green accomplishment up to now is my garden. Having an organic, thriving vegetable garden is really exciting for me. Amazing what gets me excited these days. It's not just the garden itself, but it's the conversations that creating and taking care of the garden has allowed me to start with my boys that make me see how important the garden is.

I want to know what your proudest green accomplishment is. Introduce yourself in the comments and toot your own horn. 
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Despairing said...

Hi folks, I'm Despairing from Suitably Despairing and my proudest green achievement is reducing my household energy use from 26kW/h per day two years ago, to just 6kW/h per day. I'm always looking for ways to reduce that further!

Allison said...

Hello Everyone, My name is Allison. My proudest green moment is when my daughter sayed, "we don't like plastic, right mom?' That proves to me my kids are listening to my message and watching my actions. It also proves that one person can spred the green message.
Robin-I thought I read all your posts up to Monday and apparently did not see this one. Starting tomorrow I will give up soda until 4th of July.