Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Planet Green Launches Tonight

The U.S. is about to get its first channel dedicated solely to the environment. Planet Green launches tonight at 8pm (at least around here on the East Coast). Looks like the first program aired will be Wasted - a reality type program about a rich family who wastes a lot of stuff and needs help. I'll probably skip this one.

But the show at 8:30 Stuff Happens is hosted by Bill Nye The Science Guy and it looks like one the boys and I will be watching together. Here's the description:

"This exciting half-hour series engages the viewer with astonishing information, easy-to-follow science, lighthearted demonstrations, expert interviews and connective story-telling to amplify growing problems in the environment and important solutions."

To find out if your local television provider will be carrying the channel, you can go here.
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Janine said...

Thanks for the reminder. I had seenthe commercial and wanted to view but then forgot about it:)

Despairing said...

Oh, to have a whole channel devoted to greenery! I watched the first episode of Greensburg online last night and enjoyed it, but presumably I won't see anything else (not unless one of the UK channels takes a shine to some of the programming).

Robin Shreeves said...

I just watched the Stuff Happens show. It was informative and entertaining. I'm going to watch for a few more weeks and then probably do a few reviews of some of the shows.