Monday, August 25, 2008

Green Product Review - Veev Alcoholic Spirit

Sometimes it's tough to have my job. Especially when someone e-mails me and asks if I'd like to be sent a bottle of a new spirit to sample and review. Well shoot, I guess someone has to do it.

I was sent a bottle of Veev, the world's first acai spirit. Acai, incase you've missed all the news lately, is a Brazilian fruit that is loaded with antioxidants. Veev uses the acai berries along with 100% natural ingredients and distills a fruity alcohol that can be used any way that vodka can be used.

So that's what it is, but how does it taste? The bottle arrived the day before we were having a big neighborhood party to celebrate my husband's 40th birthday so we had a little taste testing at the party. 

First we drank it straight. It definitely tasted alcoholic going down with slight burn, but then it had a nice fruity aftertaste. 4 of the 5 of us tasting thought it was pleasant and were willing to keep on experimenting.

Next, we mixed it with a little club soda and a squeeze of lime. Not too exciting. Kind of bland. Perhaps we put in a little too much club soda. I was sent some recipes for Veev, but we decided to try our own concoction.

At the beginning of summer, I had frozen some cut up strawberries in sugar that were the last of the local picking. We defrosted them and made a frozen drink. In a four cup blender, we filled the blender with ice. Then we poured Veev up to the two cup line, mixed together the strawberries and a little fruit punch Juice Juice and poured that in the blender to the top. We (and when I say we, I mean my friend Mike who was the master mind of this drink) also  squeezed a little fresh lime juice in. Blended it all together and it was good. Mike felt the need to add a little more Veev, but I thought the proportions were fine.

If you are looking to green your alcoholic beverage intake, then I suggest you give Veev a try and experiment with your own ingredients or use one of the recipes found on the website. Here are some other things from the promotional materials you might want to know about Veev:
  • $1 per bottle is donated to Rainforest preseveration
  • Veev is the industry's first certified carbon neutral spirits company
  • Veev distillers is powered by renewable energy
  • The Veev distillation process uses 200% less energy than a traditional pot still
  • It is sold nationwide at select retail locations for $35 a bottle
  • all of the promotional material I received was printed on 100% recycled paper using soy inks

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Allison said...

I have plenty to write about on my blog but no time so I stole your post and put it on my blog. I'm sure that's ok. I gave you complete credit. Hee hee.
I am going to remember this beverage next time I buy vodka. It's pricey so I will share it only with my most special friends-me, myself and I. Just kidding.

Robin Shreeves said...

Allison, You're always welcome to send people my way. But get back in gear, girl.