Tuesday, September 30, 2008

10 Easy Ways to Be More Sustainable This Fall

Last night, I made my first chicken pot pie of the season. It was good. I made a side of scalloped apples. I love taking the edges of the pot pie crust and dipping them in the apples. It's like dessert in the middle of dinner. And it all smells so good.

I'm always glad when fall is finally officially here. The few weeks between labor day and the start of fall are orphan weeks. They belong to no season. It's technically still summer, but the pool is closed and the kids are back in school so it's not really summer. It's not quite cool out enough to bake a pot pie or a lasagna, but I'm over grilling every night. 

So I was happy tonight when I warmed the oven and made a pot pie (and later made oatmeal raisin cookies just because). 

In honor of fall, here are ten ways you can make it a more sustainable season.
  1. When it starts to get chilly, throw on a sweater or sweatshirt instead of turning on the heat at your first shiver. See how long you can go before you turn on the thermostat.
  2. Plant some organic bulbs.
  3. Buy a bunch of apples from a local grower and make applesauce or a pie (or applesauce and a pie).
  4. Order a free range turkey for Thanksgiving from a local farmer.
  5. Keep visiting the farmer's market until it closes for the season. On the last day of the season buy as much as you can afford and store without it going bad. Let them know you want them to come back next year.
  6. Turn your fallen leaves into mulch for your garden beds or put them in the compost.
  7. Shop at a second hand store when you realize that your kids need new coats because last year's coats are, of course, too small. Donate those too small coats so they get reused.
  8. Organize a Halloween costume swap.
  9. Give fair trade or organic candy for Halloween.
  10. Pick pumpkins from a local farm instead of buying ones that have been shipped really far to your grocery store.
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