Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Green Term of the Week - Walking School Bus

Huh? Walking School Bus?

Yep. You read right. And I just read about it yesterday and I thought I'd pass this new term on to you. A
walking school bus is a group of kids who walk to school together with adult supervision. It can be as easy as a car pool with no car or as encompassing as an entire neighborhood getting together to get their kids to school without the assistance of a motorized vehicle.

The concept is explained in a little more detail at

Basically, an adult or a group of adults organizes families who want their kids to walk to school but would feel safer with adult supervision. A route is organized and the walking school bus follows the route, picking up children at designated spots.

Why is this green?

School buses create a lot of pollution. Kids who spend a considerable amount of time on a bus breathe in the fumes from the bus and it's harmful to their respiratory systems (especially kids with asthma).

Less school buses. Less pollution.

It also gets kids back outside. In addition to the exercise they will get, it will also give them an appreciation for nature. You can't care about nature unless you actually spend time in it.

Have any of you heard the walking school bus before or seen it in action? Anyone interested enough in trying to start one in your neighborhood?

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Cheap Cookin Mama said...

School started today and we rode bikes, I saw some of our neighbors and offerd to take their kids with if they wanted:)

Robin Shreeves said...

Cheap cookin mama - good for you and your kids.

My kids are not allowed to ride their bikes to school, even if I ride with them. Well, I suppose they could ride with me, but they are not allowed to leave their bikes at the school for the day so I'd have to get their bikes home somehow. It's very frustrating.

We are walking to school, though.

Allison said...

This is awesome! We live too far from school and it is not safe (huge main road) for us to ride bikes. But this would be great for others.