Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10 Easy ways to be more sustainable with your purging

My hallway is piled up with stuff that has to go. It doesn't matter how many times I purge, it seems there is always unused stuff around my house. Considering that I've become much less of a consumer in the past two years, it's really a mystery where it all comes from. The easiest thing to do would be to dump it all at the curb and let the trash men take it away, but when things are still useful, that should never be done. 

So what can you do with your stuff that needs to go?
  1. Give it to someone you know needs it. I give the clothes that are too small for my boys to a friend who has two smaller boys. If there is anything else I have that I want to get rid of that I know someone specific might find useful, I ask if they want it. 
  2. Sell it on e-bay or Craigslist
  3. Put it up for grabs to someone nearby to come pick up on freecycle.
  4. Donate to Goodwill, Purple Heart or some other charity.
  5. E-mail everyone on your list and ask if anyone wants it. A friend of ours did this with a futon, and now our boys have a futon in their basement playroom.
  6. Trade it in. There are places that will take books, cd's, dvd's, video games, etc. as trade-in's for credit on other books, cd's... Some will even give you cash for them.
  7. Video tapes, old cassette tapes, cd's, dvd's, and even old floppy disks can be donated to ACT.
  8. Hold a yard sale.
  9. If you have a lot of books you are getting rid of, donate them to a local library that holds a library book sale. 
  10. Recycle everything possible that you can't find new homes for.
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GJK said...

Well, this is timely! We're purging big time -- all the stuff we should have gotten rid of before we moved but didn't have time to do. Thanks!