Thursday, January 15, 2009

Organic and Natural Coupons - Mambo Sprouts

I tend to stick with buying the same items in the pre-packaged organic section of my grocery store. The packaged organic foods tend to be much more expensive than the fresh organic foods by comparison. In my grocery store, organic bananas are only 20 cents more a pound than non-organic, but canned organic soup can run twice as much as its conventional counterpart. 

I wouldn't mind spending the extra money if I knew what I was buying was going to be eaten by my family, but there is no way to know.

Enter coupons. It's becoming easier to find coupons for organic and natural foods, and one of the easiest ways is to sign up for them to be delivered right to your e-mail inbox at Mambo Sprouts.

Right now they have printable coupons for:

* $2 Off any 2 boxes of Ian's Chicken Nuggets, Patties, Stix or Tenders
* $1 Off any Country Choice Organic
* $1 Off Any Biokleen Product
* $1 Off any one Lifeway Product
* $1 Off any MaraNatha Product
* $.50 Off any method product
* $1 Off any Tropical Source Baking
* $1 Off any Sunspire Baking Chips

The website also features the latest natural health tips, nutrition facts and healthy organic food product news and information as well as recipes.

Mambo Sprouts also has a seasonal coupon book that you can receive in the mail by signing up here. These books can also be picked up at places like Whole Foods or other other retail outlets. I picked one up the other day at a local prepared food shop the other day. I'm going to allow myself to pick up a few packaged organic goods that I've been curious about trying since I've got coupons for them now. Products like Lundberg Risotto that I pick up and put back on the shelf each week. With a $1 off coupon I just might be persuaded to buy it.

There are also coupons in there for products I already use like Kashi cereal and bars and Organic Valley milk, cheeses and eggs - $1.50 off a dozen eggs. Not too shabby.

For other sources of valuable coupons, see my post on Mother Nature Network, Find coupons for organic products

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