Monday, January 5, 2009

Eco-friendly Covers for the iPhone

I am finally giving in and giving up my piece of garbage Chocolate phone. Last April, I wrote about how I was going to stick it out with the phone even though it worked poorly because I was trying to buy fewer things.

Well, the plan on the phone is finally almost up, my Chocolate is getting more and more difficult to operate, and I'm sending it to the big recycling center in the sky. And now that I'm this big fancy blogger who is all over the Internet (look to the right, please), I'm going to get a phone that will allow me to get my e-mail when I'm out of the house and fix typos in my posts on the road (I've done that from my husband's phone). I'm getting an iPhone. The decision has been made. Don't try to talk me out of it.

I'll be getting the phone soon, so I started researching covers for it, and I came up with a few that are eco-friendly.

Agent 18 Eco-Shield - This is the only shield that is labeled eco-friendly on the Apple website. It's made from eco-friendly material with minimum carbon impact and it's packaging is made from recycled materials. It costs $29.95 on the Apple site, but I saw it on some other sites for less expensive. 395 reviews on the site gave it four out of five stars.

Solar Powered Charging Case
- This case is both a case for the iPhone and a solar charger for its battery. It looks a bit bulky - it's not a sleek skin type case. It runs $45.95 on the Solar Arcadia website.

Belkin Eco-friendly Recycled Material Case - I really like the looks of this one. Simple. Slim. Recycled. Unfortunately, it looks tough to get a hold of. Overstock lists it as out of stock (apparently, it's not very overstocked). If they did have it, it would be $29.99.

Black ECO Canvas Case - There isn't much info on Amazon about this case made from "environmentally friendly materials" and there are no reviews. But at least it's in stock. It's $19.99.

Elan Cork Case - A cork case would certainly say to everyone "this is an eco-friendly case." I think it's kind of cool. Amazon lists it for $15.71. One of the things that a reviewer mentioned was that the cork soaks up the oils in your hands and gets kind of grimey after a while.

JAVOedge Cork Back Cover
- Another cork cover. It looks a little less bulky than the Elan. Lists for $19.95.

These are the cases my search has come up with. I'm leaning towards one of the cork cases unless I can find the Belkin in stock somewhere.
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