Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 Go Green Expo

Next weekend the first of four Go Green Expos that will be held around the country will be held in LA. It looks like there will be many exhibitors showing everything from food products to cleaning products to home remodeling products to tech products (and more).

From the Go Green website:
A truly unique event from the ground up, Go Green Expo will change not only the public's perception of environmentalism but also how events like this are produced and managed. Inviting companies large and small to showcase what they are doing to reduce their respective carbon footprint, consumers will have hands on experiences with "eco-friendly" alternatives to current everyday products and services.

Even the event itself is environmentally friendly utilizing a ZERO Carbon footprint approach to event production. Biodegradable trash bags, eco-friendly printing, table coverings, recycled signs, compostable sponsor banners and more. Event waste will be separated and sorted to ensure the least amount of refuse going to the landfills. Staff travel and a portion of every ticket that is purchased will be carbon offset.
Here is the list of cities and dates for the expos:
I'm glad to see Philadelphia on the list. That means that I'll be able to check one of these expos out. I've looked at the list of vendors that will be there, and there are quite a few that I am personally interested in checking out and a few that will give me material for MNN. 

The Philly one is being held at the PA convention center which means I can take the speedline in, making it an even greener event for me. Tickets are only $10.

What about you? Do you live near any of these cities? Are you thinking about checking out one of this year's Go Green Expos?

Image: Go Green Expo site
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1 comment:

Allison said...

Darn! They missed San Fransisco! I live about 1 hour form there. But I can admit SF is trying to be green so maybe the expo didn't need to come there.
But thanks for the heads up, if I were in LA I would try to go.