Monday, January 5, 2009

Green Product Review - Cynergreen Water Bottles

My kids have lost many water bottles over the years on sports fields so I wasn't willing to buy them expensive stainless steel bottles. But when CynerGreen contacted me and asked if I'd like to review their new line of bottles, I figured it was the perfect chance to get the boys some bottles for their lunch boxes. I was sent two CGKidz 350ml Bottles, and once again, my children became my partners in  product testing whether they wanted to or not.

Here's what CynerGreen has to say about their bottles:

The CGKidz 350ML bottle is our most popular for lunchboxes and backpacks. Great for toddlers and babies as well as a sippy cup.

For adults, it's a great refillable option to toss in any bag to keep drinks cool all day. Sports the fun CG Kidz "green" eco friendly logo.
This bottle is:
BPA Free - Chemical Free
304 Stainless Steel
Comes with Pull Top Drink Cap

Here's what we have to say about the Cynergreen CG Kidz bottles:
  • The boys like the look of them. 
  • I like that the caps stay on while drinking them and don't easily detach. Much less of a chance of them getting lost.
  • They were the right size for lunch boxes.
  • Both boys said their water tasted just like water when they got to lunch.
Unfortunately, one of them leaked. When my son brought it home the first day and said it leaked, I thought that perhaps he hadn't screwed the lid on tightly. The next day, I made sure that the lid was screwed on well, but he came home with a wet lunch box again. 

The other bottle - which is exactly the same, does not leak at all. Perhaps we got a faulty screw on lid.

The bottles are still perfectly usable for taking to the sports fields or sticking in the outside pouch of a back pack. But for being inside a lunch box where they get tossed around  a lot and don't always stay upright, the one is not a good choice. 

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